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My Weekend Trip to Copenhagen

On the weekend before Halloween, I went away on a weekend trip to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was a short trip, but I really enjoyed it.In fact, looking at it now. A weekend trip is all you need in Copenhagen. It is actually a very small city, and you can easily get around by walking.This post basically details what I’ve done during my time there and I also share the places where I ate too.

Copenhagen Walking Tour

This is by far a must-do in Copenhagen. These free walking tours are fun, educational and really informative. This walking tour in particularly lasted for 3 hours and covered a great deal including:

  • The City Hall

  • Christiansborg Palace

  • The Old City Centre

  • Nyhavn Harbour

  • The Royal Palace of Amalienborg

Even though these walking tours are free, all these guys ask for is a tip. That’s all. The walking tour guides are really friendly. And the guy that we had, was straight to the point, brutally honest and, more importantly, humorous. I highly recommend that you go check this out. It is incredibly popular and you’ll definitely enjoy it.


Christianhavn is part of Copenhagen, but technically it isn’t. It kind of like a micro-economy. Confused? I bet you are.

Christianhavn is actually a group of man made islands. Forefronted and pioneered by Christian IV, these man made islands were made to fortify and protect the city. Now with it being a micro-economy, it is self-serving. And there are areas within the islands that promotes the procurement of some illegal goods. Now, I am not going to say what it is, but I’ll let you research into that.

Tivoli Park

Tivoli is definitely a place to visit. And you need to see this place at night. We had a long day, and we were thinking of skipping this, but I glad we didn’t. Thankfully with Halloween around the corner (at the time), Tivoli lit up and shimmered with pumpkin lanterns all throughout the park. It was beautiful.

The pumpkin lanterns at Tivoli Park.

Also, Tivoli has its own theme park. So if you’re into your rollercoasters, this is the place to be.


Copenhagen is known for its diverse range of eateries. You won’t struggle to find a decent thing place to eat. Here’s where we ate during our time there.

Vakst (Danish Forage)

Denmark and pretty much all of Scandinavia have a reputation for eating forage, which uses fresh ingredients. The meals are quite leafy in appearance and in texture too.

The interior decor in Vlatr

Vakst, where went to eat Danish forage, has the highest rating on TripAdviser. It was pricey (you’re looking to spend at least £70 for a set menu). But it is definitely worth the experience to try a unique cuisine. And for each course, you get to try a different wine.Also, on an extra note, just be prepared to taste some roasted maggots too – yum.

Hot dogs

There’s a hot dog stand that my friend found online (near Round Tower and Church of Holy Ghost). And it is actually rated the best hot dog stand in Copenhagen. If you enjoy a hot dog, you definitely need to try this:

Danish hot dog

Paper Island

If you like different street food, then go Paper Island. I don’t want to say too much about this place. But it is situated on the edge of Christianhavn. All I am going to say is, I had the best ostrich burger ever.


The Danes love their brunch. And Kalaset is a very popular place to have brunch. It has a great vibe and atmosphere. And it has an interesting decor as well. As for the food, just take a look at my plate:

A Little About Danish Culture

The Danish are an extremely liberal and friendly society. They’re also very health conscious as well. You’ll be surprised by the number of vegan cafes that are around.Copenhagen is a very expensive city, but since you’ll only need a couple of days to explore the city, you should be fine.Thanks for reading. Have you been to Copenhagen? What do you think of this amazing city? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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